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A new alternative therapy technique called ecstatic dance therapy is gaining popularity across the globe for its ability to heal those going through emotional trauma. Ecstatic dance essentially allows participants to move, dance, spin, stretch or jump as they will, letting their bodies move to the music in whatever way feels right. This type of dance allows people to release any pent-up feelings in a safe space, making it easier to connect with their emotions, or just to experience the joy and freedom of letting go. If you are interested in trying ecstatic dance therapy, our Santa Clarita practitioner is now offering classes.

At The Flow Spot, we focus on alternative therapy techniques that help alleviate physical and emotional stress. Life can be tense and pressures from work, family, friends, and other big life events can add up, leading to anxiety issues and other problems. Our team can help you find peace and comfort. We offer 90-minute soul natural therapy sessions and focus heavily on restoring your energy, alleviating pain, and promoting relaxation.

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About Ecstatic Dance Therapy in Los Angeles

Each dance therapy session can differ, but it typically follows the same basic structure. First, participants will follow guided meditation, which mostly includes breathing techniques, stretching, and soothing movements to warm up the body. This step helps the dancers connect with their bodies and their emotions before the dancing begins. Next, music will play, starting out gently and gradually growing in intensity.

There is no structure to the type of dancing allowed, which allows the dancers to move however they wish. The point is to allow your body and emotions to guide you into whatever movement feels natural, whether that means spinning, jumping, stretching, or wiggling. Most people choose to dance with their entire bodies, embracing movement from wherever it flows. This space is safe, which means nobody needs any dance experience or skill, any movement that feels natural is welcomed. Towards the end of the dance, the rhythm will build and sometimes become louder. For many, this can be a very energetic time, and most dancers build up a sweat.

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If you are interested in trying ecstatic dance, our facility is offering workshops for adults on Friday and Saturday nights. Each session will begin with 30 minutes of breathing exercises, followed by an hour of dance to exotic music with tribal beats.

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